Osprey’s Accomplishments at Michigan Race 2013!

UNF Ospreys are proud of their improvement from last years race. With the given results and overall scores, the team members are enthusiastic about improving their build further. In comparison to their first race, this year they won overall 61st place, this was a large improvement over their previous 81st place in 2012.

Not only that, they were one of the 40 teams that were able to complete the endurance race out of 120 participants. Several improvements upon the car, such as a 50lbs drop which put the vehicle under 600lbs, were contributing factors to their race results. They were able to reach 65 horsepower, a drastic improvement from last years 27 horsepower. It is clear that the biggest improvement of their performance has been the intake system and engine turning.

For all the members, this race has been a learning experience. The members have done well to gather and discuss the flaws in their build. This year, if their budget allows, they will construct an entirely new car so that the previous car will be used for data gathering and practice for the newer members to come.

 Written by: Ana E. Garcia

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