Osprey Racing Participates in Ponte Vedra Auto-Show

The Ponte Vedra Auto-Show; this event attracts owners of all kinds of cars. There are owners customize and personalize their cars in a competition against other car owners. The UNF SAE team decided to participate in the event. The goal wasnt to win in the trophy classes the event offers, but to publicize and display the constructed car.

Many of the spectators that viewed the car had comments such as, “An interesting design” “A lot of hard labor” and “Never knew UNF had an SAE team.” The event helped bring up the awareness of a rising UNF SAE team in Jacksonville, and hopefully support will arise from the awareness.

Although the car did not place in any of the trophy classes, the judges did comment that, “If there was a place for most labor, this car would be the winner.” Needless to say the ingenuity of the car was noted by the judges and spectators, and was probably an eye-catching factor in comparison to the other cars.

Written by Ana E. Garcia